Water as a landscape-shaping force
Water is a very special substance and shapes our planet as no other element. Fluid, frozen to ice and as steam, water is in constant movement. In time, it wears down even the hardest rock, transports stones and sand many kilometres away from their place of origin and deposits them somewhere else. Climate change is accelerating all these processes and drastically changing the distribution of fluid and frozen water.

Water captured in photographs
The expressive, large-format images by Bernhard Edmaier present water from as yet a hardly ever perceived perspective – that of the most important landscape-shaping force on Earth. These are mostly aerial images shot in various regions of our planet. The geographical and geological information accompanying the images has been provided by the science writer Angelika Jung-Huettl.

Exploring water
How much water is there on Earth? What natural forces propel the water cycle of our planet? What effect does climate change have on glaciers and sea levels? You can explore these and many other issues in the interactive part of our exhibition. In addition, the samples of different rocks on display make the role water and ice play in their formation process more comprehensible.

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